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Our powder coatings are an environmentally conscious solution offering superior performance for applications that require maximum abrasion resistance and hardness. Automobiles, major appliances, tool boxes, motorcycle frames, heavy duty equipment, computer chassis, office furniture, car parts and barbeques all benefit from the unique properties and cost efficiency of powder coatings.

PPG's innovative range of powder coating technologies provide solutions to many application challenges. Our powder coating formulas are economical and supported by some of the industry’s best experience, technology and service. We are committed to developing world-class quality and environmentally-conscious products.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to offering more 100 ready-to-order powder coatings, we can color match to industry standard and customer colors through our patented FasTREK color match program. The FasTREK program is designed to provide color matched powder for you in less than a five day lead time, offered in order quantity from 10 to 165 lbs. 

Currently we only have Powder Coatings available on the website. PPG also produces liquid, electrocoat and pretreatment products. Please Contact Us for more information. 

If you would like an additional copy of the SDS, please visit our Contact Us page.
TDS documents for ready to use products can be downloaded on the specific product page where your order was placed. 
TDS documents for FasTrek Custom Color Match products can be requested via the Contact Us page.

We have the following information listed under the Application Support Center section in Resources:

  • Spray
  • Troubleshooting
  • Spot treatment
  • Curing

Every product page has a product data sheet document with listed technical properties.

We recommend you follow our Safety and Handling guidelines.

It is important to check with national, state, provincial and local environmental regulatory authorities prior to disposing of any material designated as waste. In some cases, uncontaminated PPG powder coatings products are considered to be non-hazardous industrial waste. However, it is the obligation of the waste generator to properly characterize the waste and determine the regulations applicable for proper disposal. This is particularly important if powder coatings products have been mixed with other materials. The characterization includes determining the composition and character of the waste. The SDS is a source of information to identify hazardous ingredients in the powder coatings product. However, the presence of hazardous ingredients in the product does not necessarily mean the powder coatings product waste is a hazardous waste. In some cases the solubility of an ingredient and its ability to produce a leachate will impact whether a waste exceeds testing or regulatory levels. For example, barium sulfate is insoluble undermost conditions, and its presence does not necessarily make a product containing it a hazardous waste.
As stated previously, it is the obligation of the waste generator to understand the appropriate regulations and manage the waste in compliance with regulatory requirements. To minimize dust generation during disposal, uncontaminated powder product can be melted and solidified. Most PPG powder coatings will melt between 150-200o F (65-95o C). However, be sure to review the potential environmental, health and safety measures that are appropriate for your operations, as well as any applicable regulatory requirements before melting the product.

You can find return policy information on the Terms & Conditions page

We recommend you follow our Safety and Handling guidelines.

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Most of our products have a lead time of five days, unless stated otherwise. Shipping time will be dependent on what option you choose at checkout. We offer the following shipping methods: next day, two day and ground.


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